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National Projects

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  • LWD Online Maps - LWD Online Maps is a cooperation project with the Tyrolean Avalanche Service with the goal of integration of automatically collected data from alpine meteorological stations into a database and generation of automatically produced thematic online maps.

  • MyMap - MyMap is a cartographic environment for creating choropleth maps based on regional statistical data. The main goal of this project was to address users that work in scientific, educational or political environments and need access to a quick and easy to use cartographic visualisation tool. A major initiative of the project was also to focus on the use of open source components and to make the system available over the Internet without any technical or economical restrictions.

  • LIVES ON THE MOVE – Vakhtoviki in North-western Siberia

  • MoNOE - Methodenentwicklung für die Gefährdungsmodellierung von Massenbewegungen in Niederösterreich (in Arbeit)
    (2009-2014, Land NÖ)

  • SoGVA: Sozialgeographische Gegenstände zwischen Vermittlung und Aneignung ...more

  • ÖROK-Atlas online - ÖROK-Atlas online is a cooperative scientific project with the goal of developing an online system that enables the user to explore national (Austrian) as well as international (European) statistical information. Users can compare and analyse data and visualise the selected information in a high-quality cartographic environment. ÖROK-Atlas online is a synthesis of Cartography, Geographic Information Technology, Multimedia and Statistical Analysis.
    (until 2013, ÖROK)

  • The Cultural History of the Western Himalaya from the 8th Century (S 98 NFN) - The purpose of the National Research Network (NFN) The Cultural History of the Western Himalaya from the 8th Century (S 98 NFN) is to facilitate the documentation and descriptive analysis of the rapidly disappearing cultures of the Western Himalaya in order to study, with a comparative method and from different disciplinary perspectives, the manifold facets of the cultures in their several contexts. The goal is a high quality cartographic output based on a digital/analogue concept which allows the viewer to derive a holistic view of the entire data produced through the different sub-projects of the NFN in a regional, cultural, and historical context.
    (2007-2012, FWF-NFN)
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