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Completed National Projects

in progress  |  completed

  • Hochwassermodellierung im Unteren Rheintal: Datenaufbereitung und Grobmodellierung
    (2011 - 2012, WKO Vorarlberg)

  • WALD - WASSER - WEINviertel - Niederschlagsvariabilität und ihre Auswirkung auf Wälder und landwirtschaftliche Ernte im Weinviertel in Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft

  • "Bestandsaufnahme und Perspektivendokumentation der Vierkanthöfe in Haag"
    (2010-2011, Europäischer Landwirtschaftsfond, Land NÖ, Lebensministerium, Moststraße, Stadt Haag)

  • SRO-peripher Modul1a StrukturanalyseStrategien zur räumlichen Entwicklung der Ostregion
    (2010-2011, Planungsgemeinschaft Ost)

  • Projekt Geo-Multimedia
    bis 2011, Globoccess)

  • DigiNOE - Digitalisierung des Baugrundkatasters des geologischen Dienstes von Niederösterreich.
    (2008-2011, Land NÖ)

  • Kündigungsgrund Nichtarier - The project Reason for Eviction - Non-Ayrian has been developed in cooperation with Volkshochschule Wien 11-Simmering. The objective of this project was the indexing and cartographic implementation of information about Jewish habitants of Vienna, who had been disseized of their apartments in 1938/39.

  • Hydrological Atlas of Austria - The Hydrological Atlas of Austria was conceived as an expandable printed and digital map collection, which is being published in three parts. The Institute for Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna was authorised to implement the proclaimed conception. Together with the Department of Geography and Regional Research at the University of Vienna the cartographic realisation was resolved. The main idea was to create a modern, highly sophisticated up-to-date cartographic product for a broad spectrum of users, conveying hydrologic information by meaningful and visually attractive maps.

  • Dokumentation Rechnitz - The main assignment of the cooperation Documentation Rechnitz with the Federal Ministry of Interior was to evaluate, summarise and spatially depict all information concerning the investigations dealing with the common graves from the 2nd World War in the area of Rechnitz and to make this information available to experts through a web-based cartographic information system.

  • Atlas of Eastern and South-eastern Europe - The Atlas of Eastern and South-eastern Europe (AOS) is a scientific atlas of a larger region. It has been developed in cooperation between the Department of Geography and Regional Research and the Austrian Institute for East and Southeast Europe. The atlas has the intention to offer up-to-date information about the Eastern parts of Europe which were formerly Communist and are now in transition towards market economy and Western democracy. The information presented is in the form of thematic maps from the fields of ecology, economy and population. The main purpose of the atlas is to offer cross-regional comparisons by frame maps showing the complete region or larger parts of it in scales between 1:6,000,000 and 1:3,000,000. In this regard the concept differs from national atlases. However, the atlas contains also maps of individual countries and even parts of countries in larger scales, to focus more specific topics and case studies.
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