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The Department of Geography and Regional Research represents the discipline of Geography in its whole scientific breadth and envisions itself as the only “full institute” in Austria. Fundamental research and applied praxis-oriented aspects are the basis for a universal and comprehensive education. A broad curriculum offers a profound basic education as well as research-oriented teaching, finally guiding students to advanced specialization.

Within the University of Vienna, the department is a subunit of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy. Since the establishment in 1851, the department has a long tradition in geographical research and teaching, always orienting its perspectives to urgent global, regional and local research topics.   

The research activities of the department are operating within a wide range of social and natural science aspects in the fields of fundamental as well as applied research. Some of the central research topics are

  • Theory and Methodology
  • Gender Studies
  • Human Ecology
  • Migration Research
  • Spatial Research and Spatial Planning
  • Population Research and Political Geography
  • Environmental and Ecosystems
  • Quaternary Research
  • Natural Hazards and Risk Research
  • Cartography and Geoinformation, and
  • Modern (School) Didactics

The specific research topics are processed within 6 different working groups, which are partially highly specified. Nevertheless, most of them have a strong interdisciplinary focus (refer to Research).

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