News: Lab-teaching in Geoecology

The geoecological lab course could take place under observance of safety measures also despite the ongoing pandemic in WS 20/21! The one-week practical course was held in November 2020 as well as in February 2021.

The course, held in face-to-face mode, was a welcome change for students as well as for teachers in times of digital/hybrid teaching!

A special feature of this course is the high practical relevance. From the independent sampling in the field, to the preparatory work in the laboratory, to the performance of the analyses with subsequent evaluation and interpretation of the results, the students went through each step themselves using two different samples.

In the one-week laboratory practical course, the course participants were thus able to learn a wide range of methods for the determination of physical and chemical soil parameters. In short lectures at the beginning of each day, both the performance of the respective analysis and its potential sources of error were explained. The participants were particularly enthusiastic about the independent generation of values that they already knew from the literature.

Impressions of the geoecological lab-teaching