Ayansina Ayanlade, MSc PhD

University Assistant (Post-doc)


Department of Geography and Regional Research
Universitätsstraße 7/5, C517
1010 Wien

Tel.: +43-1-4277-48469

Email: ayansina.ayanlade@univie.ac.at


My research interest in climate change studies; understanding of observed climate change impacts, indigenous and local knowledge of climate change and the influence of both national and international climate change negotiations; and application of Remote Sensing and GIS to land-atmospheric interactions. My current research is focusing on Climate change implications on the mobility of pastoralists in sub-Saharan African countries. I focus on two major research problems: the sensitivity of pastoralists (e.g.  Fulani herders in West Africa) to climate change, and their adaptive capacity to the extreme weather events. I explore spatiotemporal changes in climate and how to enhance sensitivities to climate change impacts and adaptive capacities of smallholder farmers through climate-smart agriculture. I have engaged and contributed to research in the areas of climate change impacts assessment, adaptation options and mitigation strategic studies in Africa.

I have gained academic experience at universities in Nigeria, the USA, Norway and the UK, and hold a PhD in Geography from King's College London, UK. Before joining the University of Vienna, I was a lecturer in the Department of Geography at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. I am currently the lead author for IPCC AR6, Working Group II, Chapter 9: Africa. 

Research interests

Concepts and methods: climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability risk assessment, remote sensing and GIS data analysis and geospatial survey methods

Thematic: climate change impacts, climate-related pastoral mobility, climate change adaptaion capacities enhancement

Regional: Sub-Saharan Africa; and West African contries


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Showing entries 1 - 20 out of 71