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Applied Geography, Spatial Research and Spatial Planning

Applied Geography

  • Migration- and Integration processes in an Austrian, European and urban context
  • Comparative Analyses of European and US-American urban developments
  • Retail and shopping industry, malls and streets as well as new forms of central locations’ configurations

Spatial Research and Spatial Planning

  • Analyses on usage and development of space in Austria and in Europe as basis for spatial planning
  • Critical evaluation of planning instruments, actors and results of national and European spatial planning
  • Planning cultures and traditions in comparison



Earth System Research

  • Interactions between different components of Geoecosystems
  • Matter fluxes between soil, plant and atmosphere
  • Reconstruction of environmental changes and derivation of future scenarios of environmental dynamics


  • Quantification of natural resource potentials
  • Interactions between biotic and abiotic systems with special consideration of anthropogenic effects


Human Geography

  • Regional analyses, regional statistics, discourse analyses
  • Economic Geography, Regional Economics
  • Spatial Mobility, Population Policies
  • Feministic Geography
  • Equality-oriented Regional Development
  • Regional Development, management, planning, and advice, cross-border cooperation in the context of European Spatial Development
  • Post-graduate education and training in the field of Regional Development
  • Megacities in SE-Asia
  • Social Geography
  • Development of theory and methodology
  • Place identity


Cartography and Geoinformation


  • Thematic cartography
  • Cartography of high mountain areas

Geoinformation Science

  • Databases
  • Mathematical aspects (Fuzzy Logic, Topology)
  • GIS (Analysis)
  • Web Mapping


  • Hyperglobes
  • Virtual Reality
  • New display technologies and media


Physical Geography (Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research)

Geomorphological Systems

  • Recent and past time Environmental Changes: observation, analysis, prognosis
  • Connectivity of geospheres
  • Effects of Global Change
  • Modern system theories and complexity

Natural hazards and risk research

  • Vulnerability
  • Consequences of human impacts

Regional Geography and Didactics

Regional Research Focus Asia (SE- and S-Asia)

  • Socio-demographic change in SE- and S-Asian countries and regions
  • Investigation of the demographic aging processes against the background of fertility decline and its consequences for the society and social security systems
  • Dynamics and structural changes of the international labour migration, dimensions and change of regional disparities
  • Developments and changes of structures and functions of megacities under the influence of globalization

Population Research and Political Geography

  • Spatial Population Research (fertility, migration processes, demographic aging), especially in the developing countries of Asia as well as in Austria
  • Political Geography and spatial conflict research within the regional and interregional context

Didactics: Geography and Economics

  • Didactic theories and methods of the subject „Geography and Economics“ and School Geography within an interdisciplinary context
  • Content and method conceptualization and development in didactics as well as for the school subject „Geography and Economics“
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