Sustainable Smart Specialisation for the Re-opening of Industrial Sites in the Danube Region (RIS4Danu)

At the heart of the RIS4Danu project is the goal of applying an evidence-based Smart Specialisation (S3) approach to support place-based innovation for green and inclusive transitions in regions along the Danube River. This project ties in with current debates and requests to combine Smart Specialisation with considerations of socio-ecological challenges such as climate change, environmental issues and growing social and territorial inequality.

The team seeks to further develop Smart Specialisation (S3) towards Smart Specialisation for sustainable regional development, building on and further advancing emerging academic and policy debates on S3 for sustainability and green structural change. The team build the empirical evidence base for further steps in the projects by conducting quantitative and qualitative research. Apart from collecting and analysing statistical data to better understand each region's preconditions, structures and challenges, expert interviews with a range of relevant stakeholders will be conducted. Building on these findings, project consortium partners will define transformative activities, elaborate strategic business development plans and develop policy recommendations. Furthermore, a database with international best practice examples of reopened industrial sites and green structural change will be created and updated during the course of the project.


Team members

Michaela Trippl, Sebastian Fastenrath, Simon Baumgartinger-Seiringer, Balàzs Pàger, Veronika Desch


Project consortium

  • VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (Germany)
  • Ecoplus. Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH (Austria)
  • Anteja ECG (Slovenia)


Duration: 2022 - 2024


Project contact

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michaela Trippl - Michaela.trippl[at]

Dr. Sebastian Fastenrath - Sebastian.fastenrath[at]