Poster Fair: Alternative Eats

Practical Exercises in Urban Geography and Planning

At the closing poster exhibition event for the Practical Exercises in Urban Geography and Planning course during the winter semester 2023/2024, led by Yvonne Franz and James Vandenberg, and supported by Michael Kloiber, the class was welcomed by Florian Brand and Leon Theilen (both GB*) at the Urban Renewal Offices for Vienna’s 16, 17, 18, and 19 districts

During the event, students presented their posters showcasing the research they conducted throughout the semester under the theme Alternative Eats: Exploring Alternative Urban Food Systems. The student’s projects covered numerous topics, ranging from urban beekeeping and aquaponics, to themes related to urban agriculture, local farmers’ markets, self-harvest gardens, and solidarity farming.

The students pursued different approaches to multimethod-fieldwork, including qualitative interviews, (policy) document analysis, quantitative surveys, and systems mapping. Throughout the poster exhibition, Florian and Leon both provided enriching feedback, stemming from the expertise and experience gained through their work at the Urban Renewal Office. Following the poster presentations, we had an open walk for peer-review, which was followed by jury feedback. The exhibition culminated with the announcement of the best poster prize, which was awarded to the Urban Beekeeping in Vienna group, who delved into the importance of providing inclusive urban agriculture policies, which recognize the multifunctional value of beekeeping in urban areas.


Text and pictures: Michael Kloiber - Student assistant, 2024.

Introduction by Yvonne Franz, James Vandenberg and Florian Brand (Michael Kloiber 2024)

Poster Fair (Michael Kloiber 2024)