GNSS Trimble

 The Trimble® R10 is the smallest and lightest receiver system in its class and is easy to use. Trimble SurePoint ™ monitors and automatically compensates for pole tilt; that is, you can work much faster and not lose any accuracy. Compared to conventional fixed / float processes, the innovative Trimble HD-GNSS processor module offers a much more precise evaluation of error estimates than before, especially in unfavorable environments, and excellent measurement data is obtained despite shorter measurement times. The powerful Trimble 360 ​​receiver technology supports signals from all existing and planned GNSS constellations and expansion systems. You are investing sensibly and for the long term.


Performance characteristics

  • Faster point measurements even in difficult environments such as trees with the new Trimble HD-GNSS ™ technology
  • Unique measurement documentation using the electronic Trimble® SurePoint ™ inclinometer
  • Trimble® xFill ™ technology means there is hardly any downtime due to loss of correction signals
  • Modern Trimble Maxwell ™ 6 GNSS chip with 440 channels. This makes it possible to use satellite signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, COMPASS and SBAS in parallel
  • Future-proof investment with Trimble 360 ​​GNSS signal tracking