Current research projects


  • Population geography and demography
    AGRUMIG‘Leaving something behind’ - Migration governance and agricultural & rural change in ‘home’ communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa
    Climate migration in SEAClimate change, migration, and translocal dynamics n Southeast Asia
    Food insecurity and migrationUnderstanding the determinants of households food insecurity and its linkage with migration in East Harerghe, Ehtiopia
    HABITABLELinking Climate Change, Habitability and Social Tipping Points: Scenarios for Climate Migration
    Mahidol Migration CenterInternational Joint Research Unit
    Migration in rural EthiopiaOut of sight, out of mind – How research can help make vulnerable population visible
    Migration MoldovaMainstreaming migration into the National Adaptation Plan in Moldova
    Remittances in MoroccoThe Impact of Translocal Social Remittances on the Environment in Morocco
    Thai migrants in KoreaMediatized Mobility Pathways of Thai Migrant Workers on South Korea
    The future in (im)mobilityAspirations and desires to migrate and the role of ICT in Ethiopia
    Thesholds in migrationUnderstanding the environmental impact on migration through the use of longitudinal data
  • Didactics of geography and economic education
    MiDENTITYImproving institutional capacities and fostering cooperation to tackle the impacts of transnational youth migration
  • Geoecology
    LTER-CWNResearch Infrastructure for Carbon, Water and Nitrogen
    PeatGOV-AustriaGovernance options for climate smart agriculture on Austrian peatlands
    Conservation and restoration of Peatland BiodiversityErhaltung und Wiederherstellung der Biodiversität in Mooren Österreich
    PRINCESSPeatland Rewetting In Nitrogen-Contaminated Environments: Synergies an trade-offs between
  • Human Geography | Economic Geography
    FWFIndustriell-institutionelle Koevolution in Regionalökonomien
    GloRIA Global Value Chain of Research and Innovation: Governance and Power in designing research for sustainable mineral-material uses
    POLISSPolicies for Smart Specialisation
    JIBSRenewal of mature industries: Institutional preconditions and routes of innovation
    RegReSirRegional Resilience and Sustainable Industrial Restructuring
    RIS4DanuSustainable Smart Specialisation for the Re-opening of Industrial Sites in the Danube Region
  • Cartography and geographic information
    Digitising Patterns of PowerPeripherical Mountains in the Medieval World
    Prototyp ÖROK-Atlas onlineÖsterreich im Blick der Örok
    Riedenkarten ATDigitale Erfassung, Darstellung und Präsentation aller österreichischen Weinrieden
  • Physical Geography - (ENGAGE - Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research)
    NoeMotionMobility-, hazard- and risk-analysis of chosen landslides in Lower Austria
    AlpSenseBenchAlpine remote sensing of climate-induced natural hazards

    Quantification of permafrost degradation in the Kaunertal, Tyrol

    i-CONNITN-project for interdisciplinary approaches in connectivity science 
    NoeSLIDELandslide monitoring in Lower Austria
    NoeTALUSHazard modelling of fall processes in Lower Austria
    PHUSICOSHorizon 2020 project about nature-based solutions for risk reduction in mountainous areas
  • Spatial research and spatial planning

    Integrating Refugees in Society and Labour Market through Social Innovation

Completed research projects


  • Population geography and demography
    AROMA_CoDa (2018)Assessing Refugees' Onward Mobility through the Analysis of Communication Data
    Life after mud (2017-2018)

    Livelihood transformation and resilience in disaster affected relocated communities in Sidoarjo, Indonesia

    MORISA (2016-2017)Mobilities and changing rice production systems in Thailand and the Philippines
    TransRe (2013-2017)Building resilience through translocality. Climate change, migration and social resilience of rural communities in Thailand
    RCR/B4 (2013-2016)Trans-local relations and the reorganization of socio-ecological systems in Kenya and South Africa
    Migrants at risk (2016)How rural-urban migrants coped with and adapted to the 2011 floods in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Geoecology
    PALUSPotential of Paludicuture in Austria
    Torfmoose in PaludikulturenSphagnum moss in Paludiculture
  • Cartography and geographic information
    ALBINA ITAT3014Euregio-Lawinenlagebericht / Lawinen.Report
  • Physical Geography - (ENGAGE - Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research)
    ExtremAState of the art of extrem events in Austria (2017-2019)
    CONWATERConnectivity concepts in water erosion research (in cooperation with Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra/Slowakei, 2018-2019)
    BioSLIDEInfluence of biomass and its dynamics on the activity of landslides (in cooperation with TU Wien, Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, 2015-2018)
    EE-ConEconomic and ecologic consequences of natural hazards in alpine valleys (ÖAW, project lead Uni Graz, 2015-2018)
    MoNOEMethod development for hazard modeling for landslides in Lower Austria (2009-2013)
    Risk:ATlasAtlas of natural hazards and risks in Austria (BMLFUW, 2014-2015)
    CHANGESChanges of hydrometeorological changes and risks  (Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN, 2011-2014)
    SEERiskJoint disaster risk management assessment of the Danube makro region (SSE, 2012-2014)
    ChangingRISKSChanging patterns of risks of landslides as a reaction to global change in mountainous regions (EU - ERA-NET, 2011-2013)
    MOVEMethods for improving vulnerability analyses in Europe (EU, 2006-2010)
    ILEWSIntegrative Landslide Early Warning Systems (BMBF, 2007-2010)
    InterRISKIntegrative risk- and perception analysis of landslides in the Swabian Alb, Germany (DFG, 2001-2006)
    CASITA IICapacity increasing of information technology apps in Asia
    Spatial susceptibility of landslides in the Navua catchment (Fiji) 
    Hazard and risk assessment of landslides in Northwest Iceland
    Monitoring and modeling of landslides in Eastern Belgium
    MABISMass movements in South and West Germany
    DOMODISDocumentation of hazards in mountainous areas
  • Spatial research and spatial planning
    YOUMIGImproving institutional capacities and fostering cooperation to tackle the impacts of transnational youth migration
    PNIGPractices and Policies for Neighbourhood Improvement: towards "Gentrification 2.0"
    Regionale Spezialisierungen in OÖ Teilprojekt im Kontext der Ausarbeitung des neuen Landesentwicklungskonzeptes für Oberösterreich
    SEEMIGManaging Migration and its Effects in SEE: Transnational Actions Towards Evidence Based Strategies
    LOM - Lives on the Move
    A Qualitative Empirical Account of Long-distance Commute Work in the Russian Federations Oil and Gas Industries in Vakhtoviki in North-western Siberia
    Active AgeingManaging Interregionale Zusammenarbeit zur Förderung von Mobilität im Alter
    Indicators and Perspectives for Services of General Interests in Territorial Cohesion and Development
    Nachverdichtung als Chance zur Ortskernbelebung in suburbanen Gemeinden
    Demographic and Migratory Flows Affecting European Regions and Cities