Founded in 1885 the Department of Geography and Regional Research (IfGR) is the oldest and biggest geography department in Austria. It is home to more than 80 researchers as well as general staff in 7 working groups and 3,000 students. Since its foundation, it has not only grown dynamically but also continuously broadened its focus. From the beginning, it has accommodated both human and physical geography. This interdisciplinary basis in social and natural sciences provides a dynamic and inspiring environment for researchers to address the grand societal challenges of our time.

Head of Department

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Geogr. Dr. Patrick Sakdapolrak, MA
487 30 D0518
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Michaela Trippl
487 20 A0528

Central administration

Task area Responsible person (01) 42 77 -
Global budget
Rooms (Interface to RRM)
Walter Lang 48 613
IT-Services (Interface to ZID) Harald Tomberger 48 656
Time Management AUP
Controlling - business trip budget
Gabriele Eichinger 48 634
Annual report
Karin Mayer 48 603

Working groups:

Working Group Head Administration (01) 42 77-
Applied geography, spatial research and planning Axel Priebs Angelika Horvath 48 608
Population geography and demography Patrik Sakdapolrak Karin Mayer 48 603
Didactics of geography and economic education Christiane Hintermann Gabriele Eichinger 48 634
Geoecology Stephan Glatzel Aleksandra Tyjan 48 606
Human geography Economic geography Michaela Trippl Ursula Leitner 48 602
Cartography and geographic information Wolfgang Kainz Regina Gabler 48 604
Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research - ENGAGE Thomas Glade Helmut Slawik 48 605

Contact Persons (Emergencies):

Ambit Employee (01) 42 77 -
First aid NIG Angelika Horvath
Karel Kriz
Walter Lang
Karin Mayer
Harald Tomberger
48 608
48 641
48 613
48 603
48 656
First aid UZA II
Evacuation NIG Ursula Leitner 48 602
Evacuation UZA II
Safety NIG Karin Mayer
Walter Lang
48 603
Safety UZA II
Fire protection NIG Walter Lang 48 613
Fire protection UZA II Andreas Maier 48 663
EDV Harald Tomberger 48 656