The Institute for Geography and Regional Research represents geography in all its scientific scope and sees itself as the only "full institute" in Austria. Basic research and applied questions with a large practical relevance are the basis for the comprehensive training.

The specific topics and projects are worked on in 7 working groups and are partly highly specialized, but often also have an interdisciplinary character as research content (see Research):



CoV news: Emergency operation in research and administration

The University of Vienna stops all operations requiring its members’ attendance at the...


From Wednesday, 11 March 2020 until Thursday, 30 April 2020, no courses/exams with student attendance will take place at the University of Vienna.


Research and publications


07.09.2020 09:00

Austrian Academy of Sciences Summer School

„Urban housing markets in Central and Sotheastern Europe“

23.06.2020 18:30

Lecture by the Austrian Geographical Society

The resident populations displacement at tight housing markets using the example of Berlin

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