The largest part of the institute with all central facilities - institute board, central secretariat, specialist library, map collection, study service point (office of the study program director), lecture hall 5A, seminar room, color and black and white copy points, student representation etc. - is on the 5th floor of the NIG , Stair I (main stair) located.

However, there are also some institute facilities that are located at other locations:

On the 1st floor of the NIG, stair III:

GIS Laboratory
Multimedia Mapping Laboratory
Seminar room cartography

On the 4th floor of the NIG, staircase II:

Lecture hall 4C
Project workspaces

In the University Center Althanstrasse (UZA) Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna 1st floor (level 3)

Department of Geoecology, Soil and Climate Geography
Physiogeographic laboratory