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Our working group deals with theory-led, evidence-based, and policy relevant research on spatial aspects of economic activities and societal as well as technological transition processes. We especially focus on issues related to the spatial configuration of innovation and knowledge exchange processes, disparities in regional development, and regional policies and planning. By drawing on economic, institutional, social, and political approaches we seek to contribute to a better understanding of the evolution and the transformation of socio-economic structures and processes from a spatial perspective.

Our particular fields and specialisations in research and teaching include:

Geography of innovation with specific consideration of disruptive technologies and institutional dynamics | regional structural change and regional development | innovation policies and regional development | gender studies | territorial protection policies and land use management | peripheral rural areas | political geography.

The working group publishes two working paper series:

  • PEGIS (in cooperation with Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austrian Academy of Science, University of Agder and Kiel University) and
  • GEIST (in a joint initiative between Eawag and the University of Vienna)



Freitag, 16.06.2023, 16:00 - 16:45 Uhr

Kooperative Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung | Martin Heintel

Zeitgespräch im Rahmen der Veranstaltung: Input &...


Session Transformation ländlicher Räume und Ökonomien von Martin Heintel am DKG 23. Call for Papers ist eröffnet!


European Planning Studies

Arne Isaksen, Michaela Trippl & Heike Mayer


European Planning Studies

Franz Tödtling, Michaela Trippl & Veronika Desch


Session organizers: Robert Hassink, Michaela Trippl, Maximilian Benner

AAG Annual Meeting 2023 (virtual paper special session)



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