Innovation and transformation processes from a geographical perspective

Societal dynamics (globalisation, climate change, digitalisation and demographic change) are posing fundamental challenges for regions to tackle “wicked” problems in the fields of energy supply, access to information, mobility and housing, health and food security as well as new forms of work and logistics. Coping with such complex issues calls for an interplay of often radical economic, technological, institutional, social and ecological innovations, fuelling structural change processes in regions.

Our research centres on the development of a better understanding of the spatial dimension of innovation-based transformation processes.

Our research themes comprise:

  • Geography of innovation with a special focus on disruptive technologies and institutional dynamics
  • Geography of sustainability transitions
  • Regional structural change, industrial dynamics and diversificatio
  • Spatial configuration of knowledge exchange and migration of qualified people
  • Innovation-based integration processes in cross-border areas
  • Regional innovation and industrial policies