The teaching of our team members spans across both the teaching degree in ‘Geography and Economics’ as well as courses in human geography as part of the bachelor studies in geography. Thematically we cover economic and social geography, methods, basic concepts and ‘philosophy’ in geography.

Furthermore we offer courses in advanced human geography as part of the master studies in geography: seminars in economic geography, other areas of human geography, regional development and spatial planning, courses on the spatial dimensions of processes of innovation and transitions towards sustainability, feminist geography, territorial protection and land use management. The specialism ‘regional development’ is mainly the responsibility of our working group.

A unique asset are our activities in the field: we regularly offer study trips both within Austria (e.g. Vorarlberg, Eisenwurzen, or the Lake of Neusiedl region) and abroad (recently Norway, France, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia and Italy). These trips are often inter-disciplinary and are organised in tandem with our partner universities (e.g. Masaryk University Brno, University of Oldenburg, University of Cluj, University of Trieste).