Biannual meeting of the Geographic Working Group Development Theories ― Geographischer Arbeitskreis Entwicklungstheorien (GAE)

Utopias and Dystopias of Global Development: Labor, Migration and the Anthropocene

June 16th - 18th 2022



  • Thursday, 16th June
    13:00 – 14:00Registration
    14:00 – 14:30Opening and WelcomeNadine Reis (The College of Mexico)
    Patrick Sakdapolrak (University of Vienna)
    14:30 –15:30


    Detlef Müller-Mahn | Johannes Theodor Aalders (University of Bonn)

    Africa under construction: labour - infrastructuring - future-making 
    15:30 –16:00Coffee break
    16:00 –17:00Session 1: Ethical and theoretical reflections on development

    Veronika Cummings (University of Mainz)

    Geo‐Ethics as a perspective in times of post‐globalisation

    Miriam Wenner (University of Göttingen)

    No place for values? Morality as an analytical category in geographical development research

    Mariano Féliz (National University of La Plata)

    Dependency, unequal exchange and ground rent: Theoretical reflexions form Argentina’s experience
    17:00 –17:45“What’s up?”Exchange on current and upcoming projects
    from 18:30DinnerGangl 
  • Friday, 17th June
    08:30 –09:00Arrival coffee
    09:00 –09:15Welcome day#2Harald Sterly (University of Vienna)
    09:15 –10:15


    Lisa Schipper (University of Oxford)

    10:15 –10:45Coffee break
    10:45 –12:45Workshops
    1. Dependency theory and super-exploitation

    (Nadine Reis, Oliver Pye, Johannes Jäger, Mariano Féliz)

    2. Global development, vulnerabilities and migration

    (Patrick Sakdapolrak, Gunnar Stange & Raffaella Pagogna)

    3. Social-ecological transformation, planetary boundaries and the Anthropocene

    (Harald Sterly, Marion Borderon, Johanna Kramm)

    12:45 –14:00Lunch break
    14:00 –14:30Report from the Workshops
    14:30 –15:30Session 2: Perspectives on migration and development

    Raffaella Pagogna (University of Vienna)

    Migration infrastructures and decision making in Thai labour migration to the Republic of Korea

    Chiara Scheven & Christian Ungruhe (University of Passau)

    Crisis or empowerment? Northern Ghanaian women’s translocal migration dynamics

    Lemlem Fitwi Weldemariam (University of Vienna)

    Understanding food security-migration nexus: the case of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
    15:30 –16:00Coffee break
    16:00 –16:40Session 3: (Im)mobility and development

    Daniela Atanasova (University of Vienna)

    Between Eastern Province and Lusaka: Social and spatial im/mobilities of women in Zambia since 1953

    Jana Donat (University of Vienna)

    Im/mobile Aspirations and Trajectories within the Context of the National Relocation Program from the Uruguayan Government
    16:40 –16:55Short break
    16:55 –17:35Session 4: Mobilities in the Anthropocene: Environment and (im)mobility

    Marion Borderon (University of Vienna)

    Intersecting environmental and social determinants of migration. Drought, poverty, gender and it’s role for im(mobility) in a deprived rural region in Ethiopia

    Sebastian Transiskus (University of Augsburg)

    Losing Home to the Unknown: Environmental Degradation, Internal Migration, and Immobility at Lake Urmia (Iran)
    from 18:30DinnerIl Sestante
  • Saturday, 18th June
    08:30-09:00Arrival coffee
    09:00-09:05Welcome day#3Patrick Sakdapolrak (University of Vienna)
    09:05-10:05Session 5: Development temporalities and future making

    Johannes Dittmann (University of Bonn)

    Back to a pre-colonial future: Retrotopian visions of African conservation and realigning political authority

    Sebastian Purwins (University of Augsburg)

    Clashing temporalities: the case of bauxite extraction at Atewa Forest, Ghana

    René Vesper (University of Bonn)

    Hegemonic Future Grabbing in rural Tanzania
    10:05-10:35Coffee break
    10:35-12:05Round table “Teaching Development Geography”Detlef Müller-Mahn (University of Bonn)
    12:05-13:00Closing, farewell