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The COVID-19-pandemic as disruptive force for urbanization

The CURB project deals with the question of whether the experiences of the pandemic will actually lead to a "renaissance of the rural" and whether the growth of cities in the "global century of urbanization" will be slowed down. After all, the spatial implications of the pandemic pose long-term threats to a sustainable urban development. The project team will do first a systematic review of media reports with a focus on the geography of the pandemic. At the core, a map-based online survey using an innovative public participation GIS methodology (“PPGIS”) will focus on spatial perceptions, spatial practices, and residential preferences during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to concrete findings on how people reflect on their local living conditions during the pandemic, the CURB project contributes to the advancement of understanding urbanization under crisis conditions. The project team will involve a team of practitioners of urban planning, real estate and related fields to discuss the project results. This expert panel will meet and discuss during several stages of the CURB project with the ultimate aim of inspiring future sustainable urban planning.


PI & Team
  • Alois Humer
  • Martina Schorn
  • Anna Kajosaari
Programme & Time

FWF - Der Wissenschaftsfond

2022 - 2025