Dissertationen in Bearbeitung

Dissertant*In Kurztitel Universität Betreuer*In
Carolin Biberger Translocality and Skipped Generation Households in Northeast-Thailand Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak
Rachael Diniega Perspectives on environmental change and migration in rural Morocco: Implications of translocal connections for climate change resilience Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak
Sopon Naruchaikusol Understanding household livelihoods vulnerability to climate-related rists: A comparative study in rural Thailand Universität Bonn Patrick Sakdapolrak
Kayly Ober Governing the climate-migration-adaptation nexus. A multi-level stakeholder and policy analysis in Thailand Universität Bonn Patrick Sakdapolrak
Raffaella Pagogna The future in (im)mobility: aspirations and desires to migrate and the role of ICT in Ethiopia Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak
Reena Tadee Mediatized mobility pathways of Thai Migrant Workers in South Korea Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak
Mongkong Thongchaithanawut Migration influenced by environmental change in Thailand Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak
Lemlem Fitwi Weldemariam Understanding the food security-migration nexus. A case study form Tigray region, Ethiopia Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak
Laura Wloka Which role can remittances play in climate change adaptation funding and how can they be integrated into ODA and national programs? The example of the Republic of Moldova Universität Wien Patrick Sakdapolrak

Abgeschlossen Dissertationen

Dissertant*In Kurztitel Universität Betreuer*In Jahr
Simon Alexander Peth The effects of translocal practices on environmental change and resilience. A multi-sited analysis in/between Thailand, Singapore and Germany Universität Bonn Patrick Sakdapolrak 2020
Luise Porst Translocal Resilience in a changing environment: Rural-urban migration, livelihood risks and adaptation in Thailand Universität Bonn Patrick Sakdapolrak 2020
Till Rockenbauch Networks, translocality, and the resilience of rural liveliehoods in Northeast Thailand. Insights from a social network perspective Universität Bonn Patrick Sakdapolrak 2021