Ass.-Prof. Dr. Ourania Kounadi, BSc MSc

Working Group Leader




Department for Geography and Regional Research
Universitätsstraße 7/B0518b
1010 Wien

Phone: +43-1-4277-48770




Speaking Hours: Thursday, 10:00-11:00

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The spectrum of my work ranges “prediction” to “protection”.  

I apply methods for geographical prediction to understand the relationship between humans and the environment, be able to model it, and subsequently predict or forecast relevant information in the fields of urban safety and crime analysis. The challenge is to fuse spatial methods or spatially-aware statistical and machine learning methods to “new” material such as geosocial media data, PPGIS, and sketch maps.

As a researcher the more data I have, the better it is for my work; I am not an exception to this rule. However, I am also aware (and concerned) of the fact that the “new” material, such as big geodata, is rich, diverse, but also often about individuals or it entails sensitive or private information. My work is also related to the privacy protection principles, practices, and algorithms regarding geodata.

Research Interest

  • Location Privacy: practices, guidelines, algorithms for the protection of personal geodata
  • Geocomputation: extending traditional modelling algorithms to acknowledge spatial dependence & heterogeneity
  • Spatial Crime Analysis: forecasting crime events in space using spatial, statistical, machine learning algorithms
  • Dynamic Population Models: based on areal interpolation techniques and geosocial media data
  • Urban Safety: understand and model the realities and perceptions of safety using geosocial media data, PPGIS, sketch maps


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Europan Journal of Geography (Fachzeitschrift)

Ourania Kounadi
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Ronald Pöppl , Kerstin Krellenberg , Stephan Glatzel , Christiane Hintermann , Ourania Kounadi , Alois Humer
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20.9.2022 - 21.9.2022

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