Demographic and migratory flows affecting European regions and cities

The project will examine the effects of demographic developments and migration flows for various types of regions where the typology of regions is based on demographic, social, economic and environmental characteristics.

In order to assess the effects of future demographic and migration developments on the structure of the population and the labour force in European regions alternative scenarios will be developed. These scenarios will be based on analyses of the causes and consequences of migration and will show impacts on future internal migration, international migration, natural population development and labour force participation. Two reference scenarios will be developed to calculate what would happen if demographic parameters would not change: one scenario with, and one without taking into account migration. In addition a number of regional scenarios will be compiled to examine the effect of alternative demographic developments and migration patterns. Finally, various policy options are analysed by examining how they could affect the outcomes of the scenarios.



NIDI – Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute – The Netherlands)

Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna [Heinz Faßmann, Ramon Bauer] – Austria

CEFMR – International Organization for Migration; IOM – Central European Forum for Migration – Poland

SoG – School of Geography, University of Leeds – UK

NEEA – Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency – The Netherlands

Nordregio – Nordic Centre for Spatial Development – Sweden

CNR – National Research Council – Italy

Programm & Laufzeit

ESPON Programme 2013

2008 - 2010