Making geography – Understanding the economy – Developing subject didactics

All activities of the team of the Didactics of Geography and Economic Education (GW) working group are aimed at the development and implementation of future-oriented geography and economic education. The focus is on children and adolescents who should be empowered to take competent and reflected action in rapidly changing social, economic, ecological and media environments.

In teaching, our experts in subject didactics and school practitioners enable future secondary school teachers to reflect on any decision and action they take and to justify them from the perspective of subject didactics when planning and teaching classes in geography and economic education that provide political education and are oriented towards everyday life. Future teachers develop the necessary competences as well as the subject-specific didactic, professional and educational theories, concepts and models in innovative course formats in an integrative way and apply them in teaching practice.

Their education is based on current research results. Our own research follows the basic interest in acquiring knowledge to reconsider requirements and frameworks of geography and economic education in the context of social change and global challenges. From the pupils’ point of view, it is essential to optimise the acquisition and teaching of this knowledge.

Widespread networking and cooperation with partners at schools, universities and other higher education institutions help us achieve this. Additionally, we promote the exchange with stakeholders outside of traditional educational institutions which are active in the area of geography and economic education.

The GW working group also offers a wide range of services. Our facilities function as low-threshold places for studying and exchange for subject didactics experts, academics in the field, teaching staff, students, pupils and interested cooperation partners.

For us, the existing potential for improvement in the areas of subject didactic research as well as in practical teaching at schools is both an opportunity and a mandate: Join us in shaping education in geography and economics and the school of the future!



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