Research for practice

Our personnel as well as third-party funds acquired in the last decade enabled us to continuously conduct subject didactic research in addition to offering a wide range of courses. Furthermore, various promising, current and future-oriented research questions are pending exploration.

Projects and concrete project results clearly demonstrate the possible impact of subject didactic research on high-quality teaching in school. On this page, we present practically relevant projects that have been (co-)developed and shaped by teachers involved in the Didactics of Geography and Economic Education working group.

In addition, publications on subject didactics and on school practice highlight the quality of the academic research conducted by our team members. Also our students and graduates significantly contribute to research in the field of subject didactics in their master’s theses and doctoral theses.

Another core task of the Didactics of Geography and Economic Education working group is the transfer of research beyond the academic community, such as through research-led teaching to schools. The aim is to exchange information about findings and results of subject didactics research with pupils, students, secondary school teachers, stakeholders as well as the interested public.