HS-Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stange

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Department of Geography and Regional Research
Universitätsstraße 7/5
1010 Vienna

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Email: gunnar.stange@univie.ac.at


My fields of work and interest lie in the areas of peace and conflict research as well as development research. In particular, I am interested in the dynamics that transform armed conflicts into procedural conflicts and the processes by which competing groups of actors organise access to resources, which is often contentious. I am currently designing a research project in insular Southeast Asia that looks at the effects of internal refugee movements on local use of and access to resources in a comparative regional perspective. I am pursuing a qualitative, actor-centred research approach that methodologically follows participant observation during extended field research visits. Equally, it is important for me to conduct socially relevant research and make its findings accessible to both the actors I research and the non-university public. I studied languages, economics and cultural area studies with a focus on Southeast Asia at the University of Passau and completed my doctorate at the Institute of Ethnology at Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Research interests

Conceptual: anthropological conflict theory, development theories

Thematic: peace and conflict studies, flight and displacement, identity politics

Regional: insular Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia


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Migration und Obdachlosigkeit in Deutschland und Österreich - Perspektiven aus der Verbands- und Basisarbeit

Rolf Jordan , Franz Georg Bortenschlager , Gunnar Stange
Forschungskolloquium Human- und Regionalgeographie
Lecture series, colloquium, Talk or oral contribution
9.12.2020 - 9.12.2020

Introducing Migrationlab

Laura M. Pana , Gunnar Stange
Forschungskolloquium Human- und Regionalgeographie
Lecture series, colloquium, Talk or oral contribution
4.11.2020 - 4.11.2020

„Within or without? Norms and practices in the Southeast Asian 'refugee regime' - The case of the Rohingya”

Gunnar Stange
Migration/refugee governance, temporary emplacement and informal forms of refugee protection in the Global South
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
19.9.2020 - 19.9.2020

Internal Displacement and Livelihood Recovery: Three Case Studies from Southeast Asia

Gunnar Stange
Talk or oral contribution
4.6.2020 - 4.6.2020

Zahlenlos glücklich? – „Livelihood pathways und Umsiedelungsmodi in Sidoarjo, Java, Indonesien“

Gunnar Stange
Geographie-Werkstatt Österreich
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
6.3.2020 - 6.3.2020

Showing entries 1 - 5 out of 33