Patrick Sakdapolrak

Head of the Working Group
Professor of Population Geography and Demography
Vice-Director of Doctoral Studies (SPL 45)
Deputy Head of the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies

Marion Borderon

Senior Scientist

Rachael Diniega

University Assistant (Prae-doc)

Coline Garcia

University Assistant (Prae-doc)

Katharina Göricke

Student Assistant (HABITABLE Project)

Juliane Hirz

Student Assistant

Leonard Kwhang-Gil Lemke

University Assistent (Prae-doc)

Karin Mayer


Raffaella Pagogna

Project Assistant (AGRUMIG Project)

Harald Sterly

Senior Scientist

Reena Tadee

OeAD PhD Scholar

Mongkon Thongchaithanawut

OeAD PhD Scholar

Lemlem Fitwi Weldemariam

APPEAR PhD Scholar