Transfer of research

Subject didactics research for practice

Numerous actors in education benefit from research in the field of didactics of geography and economic education and of exchange by means of knowledge transfer:

  • The findings of subject didactics research continuously help to improve teaching in the area of geography and economic education.
  • The cooperation between universities and partner schools in the form of internship collaborations has crystallised as one of the highlights of our range of offers: a win-win situation for pupils, students and teachers.
  • By means of lesson studies in our master’s programme, we provide future teachers of geography and economic education with a tool for examining and further developing their own classes in a professional way.
  • The University and educational institutions across Austria are offering fascinating continuing education formats targeted at school teachers.
  • We train our mentors for school practice events ourselves. This cooperation is characterised by appreciation and work at eye level.
  • We also aim to develop the fascination among pupils of all age groups for research-based learning and research: the youngest pupils as part of the Children’s University, secondary-level students as part of vocational orientation internships, cooperation projects and Sparkling Science projects (MiDENTITY), and older students who are beginning to write their pre-academic papers (genderATlas für die Schule).
  • We are involved in the editorial team and publish in the GW-Unterricht journal (teaching geography and economic education), the easily accessible mouthpiece for geography and economic education in Austria.
  • Furthermore, teachers involved in the Didactics of Geography and Economic Education working group support the transfer to practice in schools by contributing to the development of syllabuses as well as various textbook series.
  • They also contributed their subject didactic and methodological knowledge to the development of master’s programmes (e.g. ÖRISK).

The experience gained from the exchange with partners at schools and with actors beyond schools provides valuable impetus for future research on subject-specific didactics.