Ongoing projects

  • EUMA – Creating a EUropean Higher Education Network for MAster’s Programmes in Disaster Risk Management
  • ExtremA 2024 – Aktualisierung des Projektes ExtremA | Update oft he ExtremA project
  • i-CONN - Interdisciplinary connectivity: Understanding and managing complex systems using connectivity science
  • NoeDRILL - Detection of shear plane depth of the Brandstatt landslide
  • PARATUS - Promoting disaster preparedness and resilience by co‐developing stakeholder support tools for managing the systemic risk of compounding disasters
  • FlaMoVie - Establishment of a long-term monitoring system on the Alsbach in the Vienna Woods to investigate the natural hazard of flash floods in relation to the triggering factors, e.g. precipitation, their geomorphological consequences and the hydrological influence of dry periods.