How we bring our research to the world...

Besides collaborations within the scientific community, the communication of our research outside of the academic environment is one of our key responsibilities. The findings of our research fields give many opportunities to support the "Third Mission" of the University of Vienna - the targeted use and transfer of academic knowledge to help resolve diverse societal challenges. The projects of the working group are focusing on raising childrens' awareness for complex environmental and societal relationships in the context of climate changes.


Since 2011 the ENGAGE working group is regularly participating in Kinderuni (“children’s university”) activities in which selected group members work with kids (aged between 7 and 12) on different ENGAGE-related topics. Our activities include workshops and lectures on hydro-geomorphic consequences of climate change (Fig. 1; Ö1 Kinderuni radio contribution) and soil erosion.

Contribution of the Ö1 Kinderuni "Wenn Gletscher schmelzen" [When glaciers are melting] on 13.02.2020

Kinder und Kinderuni-Lehrende bestaunen die Dynamik eines Flussmodells

(c) Ronald Pöppl 2019


Altmetrics are metrics and qualitative data that are complementary to traditional, citation-based metrics. They can include (but are not limited to) peer reviews on Faculty of 1000, citations on Wikipedia and in public policy documents, discussions on research blogs, mainstream media coverage, bookmarks on reference managers like Mendeley, and mentions on social networks such as Twitter.

Sourced from the Web, altmetrics can tell you a lot about how often journal articles and other scholarly outputs like datasets are discussed and used around the world. For that reason, altmetrics have been incorporated into researchers’ websites, institutional repositories, journal websites, and more.