Project title: PHUSICOS: ‘According to nature’—Solutions to reduce risk in mountain landscapes

Funding: European Commission (Horizon 2020 Framework Programme)

Period: 2018–2022

Project staff: University of Vienna: Sabine Kraushaar (project leader), Stefan Haselberger, Thomas Glade

Short description: Phusicos is Greek (φυσικός) and means ‘according to nature’. The project’s goal is to demonstrate how nature-based solutions provide robust, sustainable and cost-effective measures to reduce the risks of extreme weather events in rural mountain landscapes. Work is conducted in five example catchments across Europe. Our team works on the Kaunertal concept study (in Austria), aiming at developing a height-adapted seed mixture to stabilise slopes in high alpine environments. We are in the test phase of treating seeds with locally found microorganisms to enhance the vegetation‘s erosion-reducing properties through e.g. the development of a denser root system and higher vegetation cover. On steep slopes, the final product will be spread by means of hydroseeding to reduce sediment loss most effectively.

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