Renewable alternatives for peat in horticultural substrates

Peat moss

Peat moss "Sphagnum palustre" and a sundew plant

(c) Raphael Müller

Renewable alternatives for peat in horticultural substrates

The investigation of renewable alternatives for peat used for the production of horticultural substrates is a key for a climate- and environmentally gardening. A promising alternative for peat is peat moss (Sphagnum). Rewettet peatlands can be used for the production and of growing peat moss biomass while the peat layers below remain wet and are protected against desiccation. This kind of wet agriculture is called "paludiculture".

The aim of the project "Sphagnum moss in paludiculture" is to investigate the suitibility of harvested and processed peat moss for the use as a substitute material in gardening substrates. It focuses on the physical (waterholding capacity, wettability ...) and chemical characteristisc of processed peat moss.

Our results should also help Bellaflora  for the production of peat free gardening substrates.


IG Moorschutz