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In the framework of the infrastructure project LTER-CWN (2017-2022), six characteristic sites in Austria are expanded into state-of-the-art measuring stations of ecological research. The investigations focus on the effects of extreme climate events on the environment.


Sphagnum and sundew plant

(c) Raphael Müller

Is it possible to use peat moss (Sphagnum) as a substitute material for peat in horticultural substrates? The working group Geoecology from the University of Vienna is currently dealing with the investigation of physical and chemical properties of harvested moss biomass (2018-2020).

 Carbon-Cycling in Alpine Peatlands

The carbon fluxes and bog degradation in the Pürgschachenmoor in the Styrian Ennstal were investigated.

(Foto: Simon Drollinger)

 Tracking down Austria's peat in the PeatGOV-Austria project

Researchers in the new PeatGOV-Austria project, funded by the Austrian Climate Research Program (ACRP), are studying how best to keep peat in the field. The research teams from the Working Group Geoecology of the University of Vienna and the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) are working together on the question "How large is the greenhouse gas emission from agriculturally used peatland and what could climate-appropriate management of the land look like."

 Project Loess-Paleosol-Map of Lower Austria

In this project of the Lower Austrian government the distribution of the different loess types of Lower Austria and their included paleosols will be presented in a digital map. The data will be stored in a geo-information system and will be able to be continuously supplemented and adapted for different uses.

 PALUS - Potential of Paludiculture in Austria

PALUS tries to establish paludic cultures in Austria. We deal with the wet agricultural and forestry use of bogs. One goal of paludiculture is to restore the carbon storage in the bogs and to protect and use the bogs.

(Foto: Jasmin Karer, 2016)

Land use and soil erosion during the period of prehistoric agriculture in Southeastern USA

The proposed research project aims to explore erosion forms, colluvial sediments and buried soils in selected 0-order and 1st-order watersheds in the Southeastern USA in order to gain, solidify, and evaluate general data on soil erosion during the Native American land use period and its respective long-term effects on the environment.


Rainfall variability and its impact on forests and agricultural harvest in the Weinviertel in the past, present and future (2010-2012).

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Projekt Rechnitz V (Nationalfonds)

Peticzka, R. & Wohlschlägl, H.


Project: Research funding

Torfmoose in Paludikulturen

Glatzel, S. & Müller, R.


Project: Contract research

poWer: portable Wind tunnel for erosion measurement

Peticzka, R.


Project: Research funding

LTER-CWN data paper: Part Wetland Sites

Glatzel, S.


Project: Research funding

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