Dipl.-Geograph Harald Sterly

Project AGRUMIG / University Assistant (Prae-doc)

Department of Geography and Regional Research
Universitätsstraße 7/5
1010 Wien

Tel.: +43-1-4277-48731

E-Mail: harald.sterly@univie.ac.at


As a human geographer, I focus on the spatial and social aspects of migration, urbanization, and technological change. A specific interest lies at the nexus of translocal social formations of people, how they use information and communication technology (ICT), and how this changes their scope for agency and their vulnerability and resilience. The conceptual frameworks I work with include relational sociology, structure-agency and practice theories, and relational approaches to space and place. I have conducted field work in Bangladesh, Thailand, Kenya, Somalia, and Guatemala. I have done my Diplom (MSc) in geography at the University of Cologne and a postgraduate course in international development cooperation with the SLE at the Humboldt-University Berlin. My PhD thesis focuses on mobile communication and translocal social relations of rural-to-urban migrants in Bangladesh. In the past, I have coordinated the TransRe research group at the University of Bonn, which focuses on the linkages between migration, translocal connections and social resilience in Thailand.

Research interests

Conceptual: spatiality of livelihoods, translocality, relational sociology, practice theories, science and technology studies, communication and digitalization

Thematic: migration, vulnerability, urbanization, rural-urban relations, development

Regional: South East Asia (Thailand), South Asia (Bangladesh), East Africa (Kenya, Somalia)


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Sterly, H., Etzold, B., Wirkus, L., Sakdapolrak, P., Schewe, J., Schleussner, C-F., & Hennig, B. (2019). AROMA_CoDa: Assessing Refugees’ Onward Mobility through the Analysis of Communication Data. Paper presented at Data for Refugees Challange, Istanbul, Turkey.

Showing entries 0 - 6 out of 6