Rachael Diniega, MA

Rachael Diniega

University Assistant (Prae-doc)

Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies
1010 Wien

Tel.: +43-1-4277-25603

E-Mail: rachael.diniega@univie.ac.at


I have a background in Environmental Sciences and Global Development Studies from the University of Virginia, USA, where I first began studying rural-urban migration, natural disasters, and environmental change in Mongolia. I returned there for my Master’s thesis research for an MA in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity from the University of Essex, UK, which I attended as a Fulbright Scholar. I worked in rural Morocco for two years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer.

For my PhD research, also based in the Research Platform Mobile Cultures and Societies, I will use a translocal framework to analyze how rural-urban migration interacts with environmental changes to affect household resilience strategies to climate change in a rural Moroccan community.

PhD Thesis: Linking Climate Change and Migration in Rural Morocco: A Translocal Resilience Approach