Guiding principle

The subject didactic basic consensus 2.0

Nothing prepares our students better for practice than a sound theoretical foundation and experiences to reflect on. Therefore, our students are taught subject-specific didactic and methodological competences to justify their decisions and take action. Based on this foundation, our graduates plan and implement future-oriented geography and economic (GW) education classes which are close to real life, for both children and adolescents.

The subject didactics teachers in the teacher education programme in Geography and Economics who cooperate in the North-East Schools’ Group jointly developed the Fachdidaktischer Grundkonsens 2.0 (subject didactic basic consensus 2.0) as a guiding principle for subject-specific didactic and practical training. It is based on the subject didactic basic consensus of 2012 and outlines the principles implemented, taught and developed in subject didactic teaching. The core ideas of this document can be summarised, in simplified form, as follows:

Teaching and learning processes in geography and economic education classes must always be justified. Based on didactic concepts and models, secondary school teachers choose the teaching contents relevant for their classes, and customise learning and teaching processes for their groups of learners. In order to do that, teachers have to interpret the syllabus and implement it through concrete options for action in class.