Key topics

Developing subject didactics and classes

In subject-specific didactic teaching, we focus on certain key topics in those areas that we deem particularly important with regard to the competences of our pupils as well as in regard to the future orientation of our subject.

  • Subject didactics basics: subject didactic concepts, teaching interests, methods, social forms and media education as a justified basis for practical teaching.
  • Economic education: real-life and future-oriented, oriented towards the principles of socio-economic education and sustainability (e.g. INSERT), discussion of (new) worlds of work, vocational orientation, entrepreneurship education, etc.
  • Geography education: oriented towards everyday life, providing political education, learning geographic and economic thinking based on fundamental concepts, education about migration, diversity and construction of identity (e.g. MiDENTITY), gender-sensitive didactics (e.g. MiDENTITY), etc.
  • Critical competence orientation (in German) and supportive assessment (in German): critical analysis of the hype surrounding competences, subject-specific didactic justification of competence-oriented teaching, theory and practice of competence-oriented and supportive documentation and assessment of pupils’ performances.
  • Analysing and designing learning environments (in German): learning environments as the third central influential factor in addition to teachers and peers.
  • Critical media education (relating to geography and economics): analysing the (side) effects of own media activities, possibilities and limitations of (geo)media, effects of digitalism (algorithmicity), etc.
  • Education about and for digital cultures: learning and teaching geography and economic education in the age of digitalisation, critically analysing the effects of distance learning, etc.