Mag. Raffaella Pagogna

University Assistant (Prae-doc)


Department of Geography and Regional Research
Universitätsstraße 7/5
1010 Wien

Tel.: +43-1-4277-48734



I studied social and cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna with main focus on migration and forced migration studies, peace and conflict research, postcolonial studies, as well as development studies. In my doctoral research project, I want to look into aspirations and desires to migrate as future-making practices and examine the impact of information and communication technologies on the migration projects in Ethiopia.

Dissertation project: Locating the future in (im)mobility: aspirations and desires to migrate and the role of ICT in Ethiopia.

Current Research Projects

  • The Future in (im)mobility – Aspirations and desires to migrate and the role of ICT in Ethiopia
  • AGRUMIG – "Leaving something behind" – Migration governance and agricultural and rural change in "home" communities: comparative experience from Europe, Asia and Africa


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Hermans, K., Berger, E., Biber-Freudenberg, L., Bossenbroek, L., Ebeler, L., Groth, J., Hack, J., Hanspach, J., Soekardjo Hintz, K., Kimengsi, J. N., Kwong, Y. M., Oakes, R., Pagogna, R., Plieninger, T., Sterly, H., van der Geest, K., van Vliet, J., & Wiederkehr, C. (2021). Crisis-induced disruptions in place-based social-ecological research – an opportunity for redirection. GAIA - Ökologische Perspektiven in Natur-, Geistes- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, 30(2), 72-76.

Pagogna, R. (2019). Disciplining Migration Aspirations: Looking into the role of New Media and Information Campaigns to prevent irregular migration in Ethiopia. Paper presented at Digitized Global Mobilities. The role of New Media and Digitization in the security approaches of the Refugee Crisis, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Showing entries 1 - 10 out of 10