What we teach ...

Our teaching represents an integral part of the study programmes offered at the Department of Geography and Regional Research. Already in the Bachelor and Teacher degrees, but particularly in the Master and PhD programmes as well as the Master in Environmental Sciences (in English), possibilities to specialize in the fields of physical geography are manifold.

Here, teaching is tightly coupled to the research in the group in order to allow students to profit from the available expertise, and to bring them in touch with applied questions, enhancing their chances in various segments of the job market.

A small insight

This video illustrates how bachelor students of Geography are introduced to the most important field methods in Physical Geography.

The available study programmes are outlined below. Note that all links (except for the master Environmental Sciences) lead to information provided in German. Further pieces of information are available (in German only) https://ssc-geo-astronomie.univie.ac.at/en/

Details about selected excursions and possible topics for bachelor and master theses are available in German only.

  • Bachelor "Geography"

    Basic knowledge on physical geography, its methods and applications (in German)
  • Master "Geography"

    Enhanced knowledge on physical geography, its methods and applications (in German)
  • Teacher "Geography and Economics" (Bachelor and Master)

    Basic knowledge on physical geography and its methods, with a particular focus on teaching at high school (in German)
  • PhD "Geography"

    Ability to conduct independent research at an international level (preferably in English)